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Dyslexia and Literacy Support

Support for students with Dyslexia and

other reading and spelling difficulties

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Little Voices Speech Pathology uses evidence based, multi-sensory programs such as Orton-Gillingham and Sounds Write to support students with dyslexia in developing strategies to learn to read and write. 

Why choose a Speech Pathologist to support your child's literacy difficulties or dyslexia?

Speech pathologists are the best professionals to support students with dyslexia for several reasons:
1. They have a strong understanding of language development and how it relates to literacy.
2. They can assess and diagnose dyslexia and create individualized treatment plans.
3. They have training and expertise in evidence-based practices for teaching reading and writing.
4. They can work with students to improve phonological awareness, decoding, and comprehension.
5. They have experience collaborating with other professionals like teachers and psychologists to ensure the best possible outcomes for students with dyslexia.
Overall, speech pathologists are uniquely qualified to provide comprehensive support for students with dyslexia and help them achieve their full potential.

Dyslexia In Australia: 


Dyslexia is estimated to affect some 10% of the Australian population. In Australia the term SLD (Specific/Significant Learning Difficulty/Disabilty) or LD (Learning Difficulty) are used interchangeably and as an umbrella term for a variety of difficulties which may or may not be dyslexia.

The following websites have a wealth of information of the teaching of literacy, dyslexia and other literacy related topics:


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 Literacy is important!

Literacy underpins everything we do - It's not just reading and writing, it's understanding the world around you. Research has shown that oral language skills are vital for writing and reading development. "Speech Pathologists are the professionals who assess diagnose and treat oral language deficits and work to facilitate a healthy transition to literacy." Speech Pathology Australia Literacy Resource Guide.

For more information on the role Speech Pathologists play in assisting writing and reading development : Speech Pathology and Literacy

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