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Little Voices Speech Pathology

Specialising in supporting the language and literacy development of all children.

Little Voices Speech Pathology is currently only taking on new clients in the area of school age language and literacy.

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Do I need a GP referral?

No you don’t need a GP referral to access Speech Pathology, unless you are eligible for the GP Management Plan or Team Care Arrangement. Please discuss these with your GP to determine whether you are eligible. You may be entitled to claim a percentage of your fees through the Medicare Benefits Scheme.

Further details: Medicare Benefits Scheme

 Little Voices Speech Pathology is registered to provide the following rebates:

  • Medicare

  • NDIS

  • Private health insurance



They may not be able to identify the individual sounds that we say in different words.They may not be able to easily learn the relationship between the sounds they say and the letters that represent them. Or they may learn these early skills but come to a hurdle later in school when learning to read becomes about reading to learn. Unfortunately a number of schools in Australia don't teach reading and writing in the way that many children need in order to develop the skills they require. If you feel this may be the case for your child and you're not sure how best to help them, you're not alone. Please give Elise a call to discuss how she may be able to support your child in their journey to become a successful reader. 

Most children enter school in their first year with excitement and joy. They are excited about the idea of making new friends and learning new things. Unfortunately, for some children, this excitement and joy doesn't last much past the first few months, or maybe the first year, as they struggle with the path to becoming literate. Learning to read and write should be a fun journey of discovery for all children. There's little more exciting for a parent than seeing their young child master the skill of reading. For many children though, learning to read is not as successful as it could be. For many children learning that the strange squiggles they see on paper match the speech sounds they say is not an easy process.

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October is Dyslexia awareness month, and as part of that the national charity for Dyslexia Awareness and Advocacy, Code Read has launched a new campaign 'Get Onboard'. Please get onboard with us as we help spread the word and fight for "Literacy For All".

As part of Dyslexia awareness month this October I have been involved in some local workshops, presenting to parents, teachers and other professionals in various areas of dyslexia. The first was for Dyslexia Victoria Support forum and I presented on accommodations and advocacy. Among other things I discussed how you can liaise with the school to ensure your child is getting the appropriate recommended accommodations for class work and exams, and tips on how you can advocate for your child at school.

The second presentation was for my local council and I presented on what dyslexia is, and how to identify it in the early years of school. I discussed the importance of early identification and support.

You can download the slides by clicking the icons to the left.

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